SEO For Beginners: 5 Actionable SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019

SEO For Beginners: 5 of my BEST SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2019 with this SEO Tutorial.
Are you completely new to SEO and can’t get your website ranked in google? In this SEO tutorial I will with showing you 5 powerful ways you can rank your website in Google.
First of all what is SEO marketing? SEO is when you optimze your website to rank in search engine for organic traffic. Let’s look at the strategies and get started.
#1 Website Speed
This is the most important thing and you need to do this before you even create a website or blog to rank in Google. Choose a website that has a fast byte time. The faster your website loads the better it’s going to be for you when it comes to search engine optimization on your website.
If you website is slow then it’s not going to rank in Google and all that hard work you did on your website to optimize for SEO is going to be a waste of time.
This is my recommended hosting:
#2 Content and user Experience
What do you think Google cares about most? Content and Engagement. You need to have SEO focus content but, that’s only the start. On top of that you need to make sure you have content that can easily be engaged by the user.
When it comes to SEO in 2019 Google is really focusing on amazing content and user experience. If the user has a bad experience on your site then that one bad strike for you. Make your you content had great on-page optimization with the right keywords you wan’t to rank for.
#3 Long tail Keywords
This is by far the biggest mistake anyones makes when doing search engine optimization. In this tutorial, I explain exactly why you need to focus on long tail keywords to get organic traffic from Google to your website.
Beginners alway try rank for hard keywords and this is the worst thing you could do. SEO for beginners is not that hard, you just need to take the right steps if you want to learn how to rank your website in Google.
#4 Click Through Rate (CTR)
When someone types a keyword In google you need to get that click! If you don’t they will just click on someone else’s website. Focus on getting more people to click your link by doing SEO optimized meta titles and description.
You also want to make sure the titles is catchy so people actually click on it giving Google better signals. You can look into the web masters Console to see your Click Through Rate.
#5 Building Backlinks
Once again this is something beginners don’t focus on and you NEED to! Most importantly, you need to make your backlinks look natural. When learning how to do search engine optimization you need to have backlinking in your plan.
In the tutorial above I explain how to do backlinking so it looks natural for Google.
I hope this step by step tutorial for beginners helps you rank your website! These strategies have helped me make great money with organic traffic.
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